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The Team

The faces behind the mill

Zeeman with Zeemill is a family run business operating in accordance with our family values and principles. We offer exceptional work for a fair price and seek to satisfy our customers through both the quality of our work and the customer experience. Our staff have a distinct passion for milling beautiful wood and for ensuring your needs are met. We also offer free quotes, prompt service, and complimentary consultations to help you in making the decision about where and how to mill your logs.

Joren Zeeman

David Boonstra


Joren has had a passion for working with wood from a young age. Since he retired from playing professional volleyball he has turned his passion for woodworking into a career. As the head sawyer at Zeeman with Zeemill, Joren has become so proficient with the mill that it’s been said that he saws logs in his sleep.

David brings his skills to the team as the Junior Sawyer who is truly a "cut above the rest". Though his roots are still pretty fresh in the ground, he has been lifting and slicing logs  with the big dogs since 2019. He can be found swinging from kiln-tops or bucking up firewood in his spare time

The Team: Skills

Pieter Zeeman

Maaike Zeeman

Carpenter at Work

Pieter Zeeman (father) first entered the industry in 1981 when he visited Canada from his native country in the Netherlands to work as a lumberjack in northern Ontario. He was immediately captivated by the beauty of the work and the diversity of the trees and it became one of the biggest factors in his move to Canada later in the 80’s. After a 35 year break from the industry to focus on agriculture, he has finally decided to re-enter the wonderful world of wood.

Maaike inherited her father’s passion for work in the forest at the tender age of 6. She was tasked with chopping enough firewood each summer to keep the family warm through the long Canadian winters. She has chopped over 100 cords of firewood in her lifetime. When she’s not swinging an axe or pushing a button on a hydraulic splitter she enjoys working with children and writing poetry.

The Team: Services
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