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A Little About Us

Family Values

Our family run business and operates in accordance with our family values and principles. We offer exceptional work for a fair price and seek to satisfy our customers through both the quality of our work and the customer experience. The family team of sawyers have a distinct passion for milling beautiful wood.  
This passion shows through in our desire to meet your needs as much as possible. That's why we’ve expanded our mill to be able to handle logs up to 52 inches. If you want wide live-edge slabs cut, we have the capacity to do that on our extremely efficient bandsaw mill. Once milled, we use our kiln to dry the wood. We take our time with this process in order to give you the best results, eliminating bugs and extra moisture.
We care about the customer. We want you to be happy with the finished product and the experience you have dealing with our company. We will book your job promptly and customize the entire experience to your needs and availabilities.
We cut straight, efficiently, and safely. We’ll work hard to cut your logs into lumber while not compromising safety in the process.
We’ll eliminate the hassle of having to move your logs off site. Instead, we’ll park the Woodmizer portable mill right beside the logs on your property. The job is done right in front of you, and we are excited to communicate with you about your vision for the lumber!

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