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Woodmizer LT40

The Woodmizer LT40 is a portable sawmill we use to mill your logs. The narrow, thin-kerf bandsaw blades that we use reduce the amount of wood that is turned into sawdust. This results in greater lumber yields from your logs.
The mill has a fully hydraulic log loader, turner, clamp, toe boards, and side supports to make manipulating of even the largest logs quick and efficient. Increasing the amount of time where the blade is cutting has resulted in the LT40HD cutting up to 550 board feet per hour.
Having the mill on a trailer allows us to bring it right to you. We can even mill the wood in your backyard by driving the mill right up beside the logs.
Our mill has been professionally expanded to cut logs up to 52 inches in diameter. This means we can tackle even the biggest monsters for live edge slabs or table tops without using an inefficient and wasteful chainsaw mill.


Nyle 200

Our kilns use dehumidification and heat to take moisture out of the wood at a gradual and appropriate rate, depending on the wood species and thickness. This is advantageous because it speeds up the drying process immensely avoiding months and years of waiting before the wood is ready to be used. The heat in the kilns also kills any bugs that may be present in the wood. The kilns fit approximately 2500 board feet per cycle and we only dry species with similar properties in each cycle. We dry the wood to your desired moisture content, as low as 6%. If you have wood you need dried, contact us to reserve space in the kilns for the next available drying cycle.

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