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A Brief History of Zeeman with Zeemill

We've been making customer's live-edge dreams come true since 2016! We began with custom cutting, turning logs into lumber. We faced some challenges with growing stock, as each customer's vision was different. We had to plan what species of wood we needed, as well as different styles of cut, about a year before the board was ready to be sold. To overcome this, we specialized in live-edge lumber, as well as locally grown species, such as maple, ash, walnut, and oak. As the business we grew, we graduated to selling more of our own lumber and kiln-drying pieces for our customers. We love being hands-on, and interacting with customers to make their vision come to life. We are dedicated to make exactly what you want, so you can count on Zeeman with Zeemill!

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1487 Middletown Rd RR#1
Millgrove, Ontario


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